I work in retail and I am on my feet all day. I am regularly walking past racks of merchandise, running between departments and attentively assisting my customers. The constant demand of standing for long periods of time has taken its toll on my feet. Like most of you, I have experienced foot blisters, foot pain and sometimes back pain due to uncomfortable shoes.

Have you noticed the shoes on your favorite sales associate? Most likely, they are walking shoes. If not, she would have blisters the size of grapefruits by the end of her shift. I like wearing walking shoes but the word walking shoes sends a shrill cry to some of you because your first thought is “frumpy”. Maybe it conjures up an image in your head of grandma with her black, hi-top sneaker-looking walking shoes that she wears everywhere she goes.

There is good news. Walking shoes are no longer frumpy. They are available in many different styles, most are equipped with technology to help reduce foot injuries, and best of all they are fashionable and comfortable. I am no foot or shoe expert but I know comfortable walking shoes. I have worn out many pairs of shoes and discovered some comfortable ones in the process. This site is dedicated to those that are looking for fashionable and comfortable walking shoes.

If you plan on doing a lot of walking because you will be traveling, shopping, or going to your favorite walking trail, let this website serve as your reference guide to fashionable comfortable walking shoes…your feet will love you for it.

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