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Comfortable Sneakers for Walking

Spring is around the corner, sunny cool days with the smell of rain clouds lingering in the distant. Spring is also a time for new beginnings. It’s a time to donate those old sneakers and start with comfortable sneakers that are designed for walking. Are you ready to start walking? Before you start, here are […]

Earth Shoes Review : Earth Origins-Anchor

Wrap your feet with a comforting hug from Earth Origins-Anchor. When you slip into this walking shoe, you immediately feel that it conforms to your feet. You can feel its sturdiness in the craftsmanship, and know that they will not slip off when you walk. The contrasting white stitching and mesh detail give Earth Origins-Anchor […]

Anatomy of Good Walking Shoes

Get a head start on your New Year’s Resolution by Investing in a pair of good walking shoes. Walking shoes have benefits and features not found in other shoes. The benefits and features of walking shoes help prevent injuries and provide comfort with each step. With so many brands of walking shoes, how do you […]

Virtual Walks

Winter is coming. Not everybody has the opportunity to go for a walk outside due to bad weather or busy schedule. Recently, Mother Nature has been slamming the East Coast with heaving snow, the West Coast with torrential rains, and all over the country it has been really cold. How can we enjoy a relaxing […]